BEST PLACE FOR CAR REPAIRS! Hands down the best in SF. No joke. I took my 2005 Lexus that needed 2 catalytic converters and water pump and radiator. Jason…the owner, was amazing. Only charged me $515. A comparable quote from another independent was over $1,000. It’s because Jason can get parts at a discount and his labor is probably the lowest in SF. His mechanics know all the cars since they were trained as taxi company mechanics. They fix it right the first time.

I have an appointment next to get my bumpers painted. They have a complete body shop as well and I’ve seen first hand how amazing their paint jobs can be. They get a lot of insurance claims since they do an outstanding job and affordable for insurance companies. They’ll always busy.

I drove by this place many times and a month back stopped by. Thank god I did. I have a mechanic for life.

Ask for Jason…you won’t be disappointed.

Brother G.
San Francisco

I came here to help pick up my friends car before the place closed. They showed me all the parts they changed out and the packages they received that were put into the car. After showing me the papers and giving me the keys I asked about the car that I drove to the shop to get there and if they could check it out since I was planning to take a trip out the city and wanted to make sure the car was in good enough shape. Even though they were closing soon they took our car in just to double check that the car wouldn’t blow up on the road and helped us fixed a few loose things under the hood and we were good to go! With just a simple check on the car which they didn’t charge us for we had the confidence to do our trip. Thanks a lot!

Jackie S.
San Francisco, CA

Dont let the looks of this place fool you. remember the old saying “never judge a book by its cover” although this place is pretty much located in the slumps i can tell you one thing, they are very great at doing what they do! I own a 2004 acura rsx. pearl black in color. a friend of mines had backed up onto a fence and left checker marks all over my trunk lid. I had to get it repainted, i was on a budget at the time so i wanted to look for a cheap shop. luckily a friend of mines suggested that i go here. I was a bit skeptical at first but i took a chance anyways. The paint matched perfectly! i kid you not, you cant tell any difference! the guys dont speak english to well but hell who cares. my driver side door hinge was having some issues, I didnt tell him about this but one of the guys that painted my car said he had that fix. and i thanked him for it and gave him a huge tip!

HonestOpino N.
San Leandro, CA

Gave me and estimate, kept to it and did an absolutely fantastic job on the bumper in 3 days. 5 stars!

G d.
San Francisco, CA